TAG Heuer's new 100% in-house designed caliber 1887... OUCH!Pioneering Swiss watchmaking for 150 years. Based on the official TAG Heuer site that is , as there is some discussion around the 'pioneering' part. Their latest in-house manufactured caliber 1887 movement is apparently based on a Seiko movement. Nothing necessarily wrong with that,?Ǭ† however, TAG Heuer's news release mentioned that this caliber 1887 is really a 'designed 100% in-house' movement. Even according to TAG Heuer's CEO J. Babin, it truly is clearly not designed in-house, as being the CEO himself is posting messages on several TAG Heuer forums to supply a reason to any or all TAG Heuer fans. tag copies His post on WatchUseek starts similar to this: "Hi, I'm J.C. Babin the CEO of TAG Heuer, and YES, the modern Caliber 1887 is based on a SII (Seiko Instruments Inc.) TC78 platform developped and patented in 1997 (filing) and eversince manufactured in limited quantities, apparently for Junghans and Seiko replica watches in Japan."I would have guessed he just would have send another news release, fire the marketing dude who developed the one-liner and have a communication/PR professional to repair things while using heated forum crowd. Perhaps they own done that watches , or could it possibly be a coincidence that TAG Heuer's web site is inaccessible right now? (Service Unavailable error)TAG Heuer's Caliber 1887 movementKyle Stults of Perpetuelle did a very nice job on describing the entire matter in a blog post on his website. swiss watch replica See more at Kyle's article, "TAG Heuer shoots itself from the foot on Tag Heuer Caliber 1887 launch". Also check-out TAG Heuer devote website Calibre11.com. replica buy second hand rolex watches
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